Serving the Maritime industry, through it’s Cycles

Cycles in Maritime

There is several markets in maritime business. Operation related to vessels mission, New building design and construction, Second hand tonnage sales and charter parties, Conversions to change vessels mission, and Scrapping in the end of lifecycle. These all interact with each other, forming cycles in regards of demand and supply balance of each market.

Above mentioned gives us first dimension, second one is different business segments as vessels are tailored for individual missions. Some examples: intercontinental oil and oil products shipments with tankers, box shipping of consumer and other goods with container vessels, intra-regional short sea  shipments, offshore harvesting of natural resources and the leisure market with cruise ships and ferries. Here, hardly ever, are all of them on same position of demand vs. supply balance cycle.

Combining these dimension, a smart actor sees the opportunities and creates a future with prosperity.

Focus to growth markets

In creation of companies shareholder value, the single biggest nominator is growth. This can be achieved with positioning company offering to growth market. Alternatively company can create a value proposition that overrules other actors and increases market share in steady market.


In market high cycle, when demand exceeds supply, the pricing is favorable. Actually the competition is about access to assets and talented resources.

Actors in maritime cluster