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Interim Leadership

Interim leadership brings value, when company is going through transformation requiring further leadership attention. Other critical solution is to place interim leader in position if company has lost key leadership talent. In addition to traditional set-up, there is additional value with interim leader bringing seniority when company is entering entering to new markets or planning to launch new offering.

Additionally a part time leadership and support to company or association is within this service scope.

Key to success is typically board commitment to strategy. Then interim leader is given authority for quick execution with modern management models and committing leadership style.

These assignments are sometimes located in areas, where company has not yet established itself. Thus experience of international business is elementary to achieve the leadership targets.

Project development

Understanding the drivers and their impact to accuracy of capital cost and delivery time are key areas. Other crucial elements to take continuously into account are revenue potential, quality of asset and operational expenditure.

MarineCycles has Capital Expenditure for Ships – Project Development Service that quantifies end-user needs for assert and caters relevant parts of them to supply chain for preliminary estimation. Those estimations are supplemented with in-house understanding to create an overall capital cost structure and preliminary scenario for delivery time.

Later this foundation is also a brokering platform between suppliers, integrators and investor.

Representative Service

Territorial agent or global representative service in entire maritime or for specific segment.
We take care that the conflict of interest does not appear and therefore we have only limited number of representations. As disciplines one can consider: Asian Cruise Operator, New Building shipyard for passenger ships, European repair yard for cruise ships, Vessel modernization supplier for passenger ships, Interior supplier for new buildings, ship concept designer, marine engineering company, telecom solution provider, ship management company etc.


Business Development

Acquisition, J/V or strategic partnership is often smart solution to achieve the strategic targets in reasonable time. Sometimes if the market move fast around company these can alse serve for opportunistic growth.

There is long experience of maritime product and service development, access to market planning and executions as well as global supply chain management.